Who is Elite Homebuyers of NY?
Elite Homebuyers of NY is New York’s leading home buying company. Our principals have 45+ Years of Real Estate experience. We are a group of real estate investors that pay cash for your home. Our professional experienced home buying team is focused on helping homeowners like yourself sell fast, with no hassle, no games, no fees. We pride ourselves on being ethical, transparent, and genuine. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have to help you make the best decision for you and your family.
Why would I want to use Elite Homebuyers of NY?
With 45+ years of combined Real Estate Experience, we are dedicated to making the sale of your home stress free. Working with a cash buyer like us, it will not cost you anything to sell your home. When you work with us, you will:
What areas do Elite Homebuyers of NY purchase in?
We are currently purchasing properties in New York state, specifically:
What type of properties do you buy?
We are interested in buying all kinds of properties regardless of the condition or situation. We purchase single family homes, townhouses, condominiums, multifamily homes, commercial properties, and land.
Do you charge for your services?
Unlike an agent who charges anywhere from 4%-6% to sell your home, We do NOT charge a commission or any type of fee to work with us. We are a direct cash buyer for your home.
I need the money fast. How quick can you close?
We can get to the closing table in as little as 7 days or less. If you require additional time we are happy to close at your convenience. We understand every client’s situation is different and we will work with you to close within a timeframe that makes sense for you.
The house has a lot of belongings including furniture and clothes and/or garbage. Do we have to clean the house out before you buy it?
We understand you may not have the time or resources to clean out a house prior to selling the property to us. Cleaning out a house can take days and thousands of dollars. We are happy to dispose of your unwanted belongings free of charge.
The house has no permits and Certificate of Occupancy. Will you buy it “As-Is”?
Yes, we will buy your home “As-Is” without a permit or Certificate of Occupancy in place. We don’t care if the house has open permits, extensions without permits or Town Violations. We don’t care if there is structural damage, fire damage, mold or tenants that won’t vacate the premises. We purchase every property in “as-is” condition.
I owe more money on the mortgage than the house is worth? Can you still buy my home?
Yes, we can still buy your home even though you owe more money on the home than what the house is worth. We have a dedicated team that we work with that will assist you in negotiating with your lender in order to sell your home. Often times they can negotiate the amount of the debt while getting you money to relocate.
If I fill out the form on your website, will I receive unsolicited mail or unwanted phone calls? Is there any obligation after I submit my information? Do you resell my information?
Completing the form on our website notifies us that you may be interested in selling your home to us. There is absolutely NO Obligation to work with us. If you feel more comfortable, you can call us direct at 000-000-0000. We never distribute your information and only contact you to discuss the sale of your home. We will never sell your information to anyone.
Will you pay me a fair price for my home? How do you determine the price to offer for my house?
Our team has over 45+ years of Real Estate Experience. We have local experience in the New York Market having bought, sold, renovated/built, and leasing real estate. When making an offer on your home, we consider all relevant factors that determine the value of your home. These factors include the location of the property, age and condition of the property, necessary repairs that are needed on the property and the current market conditions.
What if I already have my home listed with a real estate agent?
If you already have a real estate listing agent – that’s not a problem! We will work with your agent as required by your pre-existing contract and make an offer for your home through them. We will request you inform us that the property is listed when you initially contact us.